iOS App Development

It's a Mobile World...Don't Be Left Behind

There are over one billion iOS devices in use as this page is being written. This is the world's single greatest marketing opportunity in history. Have you planned your strategy as to how you or your business will make use of this opportunity?  L.I. Media can develop stand-out apps that will allow you to take advantage of the amazing ecosystem that Apple has created.

Once your app has been developed, tested, and submitted to the App Store by L.I. Media, Apple handles all the distribution details so that your app can reach its target audience without any effort on your part. Whether you are looking to profit with a paid app, a "freemium" app, or just looking to get your app in front of as many people as possible, an iOS app is your quickest, easiest, and most cost-effective solution for making your idea available to the world.

We work closely with you to take your app from an idea to the App Store.

Communication is the key to implenting your app the way you envision it:
  • We LISTEN to you, the originator of the app idea, not just during the initial consultation, but throughout the entire development process.
  • We ANSWER your questions in plain language rather than convoluted techno-speak.
  • We INFORM you about the progress of your app with constant updates on what is being done.
  • We FOLLOW UP with advice and suggestions on how to best market your app to the ever-growing hundreds of millions of iOS users.

4-stage development cycle, with your approval at each stage:
  • Stage 0: Initial consultation to discuss your app idea, feasibility and cost analyses, and an estimated target date for app completion
  • Stage 1: Complete UI layout of your idea showing skeletal view transitions in response to user interaction through the use of storyboards and view models
  • Stage 2: Actual working model of layout and transitions
  • Stage 3: Complete working app, developed entirely in Apple's new Swift programming language using best practices in contemporary MVC (model-view-controller) methodology
All work is in-house, hands-on design/development by a senior applications developer with an M.S. in Computer Science and extensive knowledge of Apple’s Swift programming language, with expertise in user interface design and core data integration, along with many years of prior experience developing in Objective C, C++, and C.


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